Bundle.Cat License
Be calm, buying our products you can do anything,
except for some items:
Our licence allows you to
Use resources to create a free end product or product for sale
Use resources to create a free end product or product for sale
Use resources in multiple projects
But you can't...
Use resources on their own; not as part of a wider original design
You must combine resources with other original design work and not use them as the primary integrity / design element within a design. Please see the resource specific FAQs for more details/exceptions. If unsure please do contact us.
Redistribute, sublicense or share resources
Use resources if the end clients annual revenue is more than $25 million USD per annum

If you work for or are contracted by a company with an annual revenue in excess of this please do contact us and we will set up a bespoke licence to cover your needs.
Prices can be changed without notification.
Payback guarantee
If you are not pleased with our products we will offer you full compensation for 60 days after your acquisition. We will need an argument for the refund to understand what we can increase.
Free – License Agreement
You may download any of our free products.

Our free products and attended documentation may not be sublicensed, sold, leased or rented to a different person or individual. Our copyright observations and license information must stay intact within the product if any and accompanied documentation at all times.

If you want to share our free products with other people please give them with a link to our homepage or any of the pages within our website.
Commercial License Agreement
This common license allow you certain rights to use the product and is not an arrangement for sale of the product or attended documentation or any portion of it. The product and attended documentation may not be sublicensed, sold,rented, lent, or given away to a different person or individual.
We reserve the right to revise, amend, or modify these Terms and Conditions, and any of our other policies and agreements at any time and in any aspect.
Ownership Limited Liability
These products are added on an "as is" basis, without guarantee of any kind, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, good condition for a particular aim and non-infringement. The total danger as to the quality and performance of the product is carried by you.

All the products on our website are downloadable and the download links have deadlines up to one month. You are absolutely responsible for the files you download from our website and we are not responsible if your files get lost or injured after the download. We advise you to back up all the files in a protected location for your data safety.

Title, buying rights, and intellectual property rights of the software shall go on with its owners. Copyright laws protect these products.
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