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Если вам не так важно высокое разрешение для печати, то этот пакет специально для вас
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Высокое разрешение пригодное для печати на фотографии
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Только самые лучше бесселлеры в одном пакете с высоким разрешением
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Photo Overlays Huge Bundle
Bestsellers included:
58 Sky Photo overlays
52 Starry Sky
51+ Butterflies
51 Christmas Tree Brunch
20+ Blowing Snow Kisses
16 Fog

45 Rain Photo Overlays
30 Fog 2.0
545+ Butterfly 2.0
42 Green Tree Branch
43 Rainbow 2.0
50 Single Clouds
15 Bonfire
110+ Natural Sun Lights
125 Light Leaks
51 Tropic Brunch
21+ Rose Petals
97 Autumn Leaves
50 Falling Snow
113 Halloween
33 Aurora Borealis
64 Pastel Sky
64 Dramatic Sky
33 Sun Lens Flare
28 Blowing kisses
21 Lightning
12 Soap Bubbles
21 Firework
and more
Our clients love us
Excellent purchase...crisp images...large enough for overlays!
Laura Middour
about 52 Starry Sky
Perfect overlay for my valentines minis. Easy to use!
Jennifer Reed
about 20 Blowing Kisses
Perfect and just what I needed! Will definitely purchase from again.
Tandy Grandstaff
about 20 Blowing Kisses
Used these overlays multiple times in 2 different sessions within the first week I bought them. Love them
Carrie Hampton
about Butterfltly Overlays
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